Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No easy place to start...

There is so much new technology out there that I'll have enough material to write about for a long time.  I'l start off with a thank you to Jane Hart at C4LPT.  She has put together a slide presentation listing the top 100 technologies for 2010, and for previous years.  This is a good place to check out what is popular and even if you don't plan on using it in the classroom, to be aware of what is out there.  After all, you know that your students are up to date with all of this technology.  She also covers  technology that is used in training in business... and higher ed. So although the K12 realm is a little different, and we have to deal with some restrictions that businesess don't have to worry about, much of the technology is still interesting and can be used as a springboard to get some classroom ideas.   If you haven't checked out her slide show - the link is below  It's well worth looking at as she not only shows what is the most popular in 2010, but where the technology is in relation to it's 2009 position.  And just because we don't plan on using it immediately in the classroom does not mean that our students don't need to be aware of it.  At some point our students will head off to college and/or the workplace and they'll need to be familiar with a wide variety of these tools and applications. 

Top 100 tools for learning

I'll review as many as I can during the week of the MDE conference, but will continue this blog after the conference is over....


  1. Another great presentation tool for both teachers and students is and it's free to educators K - 12.

    I created a simple presentation for my behavior modification class on communication - url -

    Grace Roscoe

  2. Thanks Grace. Animoto is actually on my list of tools to review. I just found out about it. Was it easy to use? I wasn't able to access your presentation - but I'd love to see it - could you e-mail the link to me..