Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mindmapping and Brainstorming together.

Sorry about the late posting today.  If you don't know the benefits of mindmapping - check out this youtube link by Tony Buzan, the person credited with creating the concept.  In the physical classroom, I learned how to use Inspiration, a commercial software that our school district had purchased.  This was my software of choice - it's easy, and most school districts have it installed.  However, in the virtual classroom, students may not have access to commercial software.  Same for students who actually want to complete the homework assignments.   Fortunately, today there are , there are  several mindmapping applications available, free of charge.  My favorite is xmind.  Free to download, it is relatively easy to learn and quite intuitive, espeically if you have already used inspiration.   They have a free shared mindmap of the day – so if you’re not familiar with how they work –check out their examples  for some ideas. They also have a neat video tutorial that is helpful.

Link to mindmap of collaborative learning tools

Sample picture of simplified mindmap created by me in about 10 minutes.

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